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@jennymiamitv is the first woman that through transgression represents a positive message and lifestyle.
"The human body is not to be seen aggressively, but natural"
"Sex symbol that sends a positive message" - Examiner.com
Positive Energy - seminars by Jenny Scordamaglia
Jenny Scordamaglia
Mia is the perfect girl. She is smart, the most beautiful girl in the world, and has a huge heart. She will always be there for you and will always give her two sense. She is extremely cute in everything that she does. She has a lot of sass but you come to love that about her. If you have a Mia you should consider yourself the luckiest people on the earth. Her smile and eyes are amazing. She is literally an angel on earth but she is naughty at the same time. Topless with Butt Skirt.
A beautiful name for a beautiful person inside and out. One of the prettiest girl youll ever meet. Mia is an amazing girl and is always there for you. Your very lucky if you ever have a Mia in your life. Facebook page
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